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Grading Discussion Topics

There are a few ways you can grade discussions. Here is the recommended way to grade.

Grade from the Gradebook:

Grade from within a Thread:

Grade by Topic:

Grading a Discussion Post with a Rubric

  1. Select Discussions in the course navigation bar.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow [A] next to the name of the discussion topic. 
  3. Select Assess Topic [B].
    Select Assess Topic
  4. For each student, select Topic Score.
  5. The rubric will appear in a new window. Select the box for the level the student achieved for each criterion.  As scores are selected for each criterion, the rubric will automatically update the overall score.
  6. Select Add Feedback in the criteria column to enter qualitative feedback.
  7. The rubric will automatically save as information is entered. Select Save Draft or Publish.

Until the rubric is published, it will remain hidden from student view.