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Similar to SafeAssign and other Plagiarism checkers, Turnitin is integrated with Brightspace to automatically check for plagiarism in course assignments. 

In courses where TurnItIn is used, you will need to re-enable it in your course section. Follow these guidelines for enabling Turnitin for assignments in Brightspace.

The tutorial below walks you through grading assignments using Turnitin.

Grading assignments using TurnItIn

Originality Reports

You can view Originality Reports from the Submissions page. When a report is available, the status changes from In-Progress to a percentage rating, which indicates the level of matching content.

Viewing a file submission summary

A lower percentage rating indicates that the content is likely original and has not been copied; a higher percentage rating indicates the content is likely not original and has been copied from another source.

The percentage ranges are associated with colors:

  • Blue >= 0 and < 20%
  • Green >= 20 and < 40%
  • Yellow >= 40 and < 60%
  • Orange >= 60 and < 80%
  • Red >= 80 and <= 100%

Click the colored section beside the percentage rating to view the associated Originality Report. The Originality Report is comprised of two panes. The right pane lists all of the matching sources, including the percentage of text that matches and a link to the online content. The left pane displays the submission text using colored highlights to draw attention to the matching content.

The use of TurnItIn combined with the special access features in the Assignments tool is not supported. If you set a due date for a user with special access that is different than the due date set on the Turnitin tab, the Turnitin due date does not change.

For more guidance from Brightspace, check out their guide for Assignments and Turnitin.