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Graduate Programs in Public Health – Career Services

About Career Services:

Welcome to the Career Services page for the UNE Graduate Programs in Public Health (GPPH). Career services are available to both students and alumni of the program. We offer a comprehensive library of career resources as well as one-on-one advising with a Career Counselor.

Where to Begin:

Whether you are searching for a site for your Applied Practice Experience (APE), looking for your first job in public health, or transitioning your career, we can help. Choose from the resources below to get started. Once you’ve reviewed the materials, book an appointment with a Career Counselor.

Resume and Cover Letter:

Review resources designed to help you build a noticeable public health resume and a cover letter.

  • Public Health Resume Basics – Learn the elements of a successful public health resume. Choose between two formats (chronological and hybrid). Professional standards for each section of the resume are reviewed in detail.
  • Supporting Materials & Documents – Read through the list of “Action Verbs” to enliven your resume and present you as someone who accomplishes quality work. Read through transferable skills and identify ones that you can include on your resume.
  • Cover Letter – Template to download.

Networking Series:

Approximately 85% of jobs are filled through networking and referrals. Don’t miss out! Start networking today and build your professional connections and advocates. Review resources to get you started with this important tool.

  • Elevator Speech – The purpose and importance of an elevator pitch as a networking tool.
  • Introduction to Networking – How to get started with networking to grow your connections and create advocates throughout your career journey.
  • 3 Easy steps to start Networking – Start the easy way. Introduce yourself by email and conduct an Informational Interview on the phone.
  • Business Cards – an important tool (and an inexpensive one!) to provide your professional connections with your contact information.

Interviewing Series:

Preparation is the key to a successful interview. Help prepare yourself by reviewing materials on interviewing.

  • Informational Interviewing – What is it, how to arrange one, sample questions to ask, what to stay away from.
  • Introductory Emails to Land an Informational Interview – Review the template on how to reach out to professionals in the public health field and make a great impression as you learn more about the field by conducting an Informational Interview.

Professional Planning Series:

Planning for a new career in Public Health? Check out resources, including Public Health certifications, and webinars on professionals working in the field.