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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Welcome! This website is meant to support you as a faculty member in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS). We invite you to browse it or use the search feature to find relevant content.

Getting Started

Here you will find essential information relating to the faculty handbook, New Faculty Orientation, unit and departmental contact information, faculty communications, and other related documentation.

NEW! Brightspace FAQ

This is a continuously updated list of questions and answers about Brightspace. Topics covered include how to navigate your course, how to make course announcements, how to grade assignments and other useful functionalities.

Assessing Learning

CGPS is committed to meaningful assessment of student learning, learn about backward design process, rubric development, and student and instructor feedback and evaluations.

Engaging Learners

Information and resources relating to building interest and community among students in an online classroom, namely through the intentional use of accessible media and collaborative digital tools.

Improving Teaching

Learn about course content revision process at CGPS, as well as suggestions on how to create and sustain an inclusive classroom environment.

Teaching SPHP

Additional information relevant to our Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) faculty.