Student Portal: University of New England Online - November 28, 2021

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Getting to Know the Blackboard Interface

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Learn how Blackboard is organized and the tools you will see in your courses.

When you log into UNE Blackboard for the first time, you will see this message:

initial screen when logging into Bb

The next several images will demonstrate what you can from this screen using Global Navigation. You can also view this tutorial. (requires Adobe Flash)

After you dismiss the greeting, you will see the main page which will be mostly the same for the rest of your program.

Landing page in Bb

Click on the dropdown arrow to view more shortcuts.

dropdown global navigation

Main Notification List

The top one will take you to the main notification list.

main page for notifications

Posts (Discussions)

The next one, will give you updates on discussion posts. You have a choice of filtering only the ones that were replies to your posts in cases where you have already posted or have asked others questions and want to engage with other students.

Discussion forum updates

Managing Discussion Participation with Global Navigation

Robust and meaningful discussions help both create a community and enrich your learning process by asking questions and exchanging ideas. In order to ensure a better experience, when finishing up your course week, check on the posts that may contain questions for you and make an effort to address them by Tuesday night. The easiest way to filter posts which are addressed directly to you (typically, the replies to your posts) is to use Global Navigation in Blackboard (desktop version).

To see all of your posts (most recent ones on top), click on the Posts icon on the left, second one from the top.

All new discussion posts in your courses with tabs

You can filter the posts that are either your own or are responses to your thread/post by others. That way, if you see any questions in those posts or would like to react to another person’s comment on your thread, you can instantly address them and sustain a meaningful conversation.

My posts and replies


Next are your announcements from the entire University or just your courses.

Updates on Announcements

You can also get a quick view of your recent grades.



And finally, you can view your calendar for upcoming assignments and add your own events to stay organized.

Calendar views

Click on the assignment to view its details.

Assignment details in Calendar view

You can even access the assignment directly from this view.

In addition, you can add your own events as reminders. Click on the plus icon and supply details.

Add your own event to the Bb calendar

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