Student Portal: University of New England Online - September 21, 2021

How to set up your UNE accounts

STEP 1: Activate your accounts

Before you can use U-Online for the first time, you must change your initial password. First-time users will be prompted to set a new password and a security question that will be used to reset their password.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username.
    • For all users, this is your Nor’Easter ID (e.g., wblais1, sdavis, etc.) or your full UNE email (e.g.,,, etc.)

  3. Enter your password.
    • For first-time users, this is the last 6 digits of your personal reference number (PRN) or your 6 digit birthdate ( ddmmyy ).
    • You can obtain the last 6 digits of your PRN from an email sent to your UNE email address.
    • Your PRN number can also be found on the ID card you’ll receive after classes begin. On your ID card, your PRN can be found by taking the last 7 digits of the long number on the card, then dropping the last number. In the example “12345678912345,” the last 6 digits of your PRN would be “891234.”

  4. Click “Sign In” to create a new password.
    • New passwords must follow the requirements listed on the login screen and be entered twice to ensure they have been typed correctly

  5. Click “Change Password” to save the new password.
  6. On the next screen, select one of the predefined questions to be used to reset their password or create your own custom question (see last option in the list).
  7. Once you have chosen a security question and answer, click “Create My Account” to be brought to the Okta Home Page. 

For instructions on how to set a security image, changing or resetting your password, recovering a forgotten password, or other questions, please visit

Step 2: Log into your accounts

Once you have activated and synced your password, you can access the following websites with the same username and password:

Office 365



  • Register for courses and access transcripts, grades and financial aid/billing information.


If you receive the message “Invalid username or password” or you do not know your Username/Nor’easter Login ID

  1. Visit U-Online:
  2. Click “Lookup my Nor’easter Login” and follow directions on the screen.

Contact the IT Help Desk

  • If you receive an error message contact the IT Help Desk via phone 1-877-518-4673 or email

Online Students

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