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Troubleshooting Blackboard

Troubleshooting Blackboard

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Blackboard Troubleshooting:

  • Use Certified Web Browsers: Most technical problems inside a Blackboard course are due to the wrong version of a web browser or not having the latest version of Java installed on your computer. UNE monitors the list of certified browsers on a regular basis. In short, the latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome are recommended. We do not recommend Internet Explorer. 
Important: Install two (2) different web browsers. Why two? One web browser may not allow a certain function in Blackboard to operate properly while another web browser allows that same function to run properly (e. g., link to a journal article, video, discussion thread).

  • Enable Cookies from third parties. (This should already be enabled by default on all supported browsers). Depending on which browser you are using, find the option for “cookies” under Tools/Options or Preferences. This will be especially important for third-party content, like SafeAssign and YouTube.

  • Disable (turn off) Pop-up Blockers. Do not turn on the pop-up blocker. Blackboard needs pop-up windows to run properly, i.e., threaded discussions, download links, and other tools. 

  • Make sure you have the required Plug-ins: Third-party plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and others may be required to view certain content within your course. If these applications are needed, a notification and link should pop-up with a message to install a new plug-in. Only install trusted plug-ins that are necessary for the coursework as malicious plug-ins can harm a computer.

  • Install the latest version of Java: Most glitches inside of Blackboard are resolved when the latest version of Java is installed. Check for JAVA updates on a regular basis. For Windows users: Download the latest version of Java: (remove older versions). Check regularly for the latest version. For Mac users: Apple supplies their own version of Java and will send updates automatically. Check weekly for Java software updates from the Apple icon (top-left).

  • Use Blackboard’s online support features:

  • Make sure your computer system adheres to all Technical Requirements:

Technical Requirements: This resource provides a detailed description of computer hardware and software systems that are necessary for your online coursework. You may also find the following resources useful for preparing your system:

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact the IT Help Desk:

  • Phone: Off-campus: Toll-free 1-877-518-4673

  • Email:

  • IT Help Desk Self Service:

  • For more information: ITS Help Site