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  1. Why do I see more than one course?
    Brightspace is integrated with Banner (UOnline). You will have access to any course you are teaching either as a primary instructor or a secondary instructor (TA or course lead)*. It is recommended to “pin” the course you are primarily responsible for. You control which courses you pin or unpin. Please find detailed instructions in the Faculty Training.
    *This is determined by your program and Registrar. 
  2. When I click on my name, it says “View as a UNE Student”. What’s that about?
    Upon login, you are viewing Brightspace content from the perspective of your role – usually, as an instructor. From within each course, you are can also view it as a learner. This is what the popup means. When you click on “View as a UNE Student”, your icon changes (orange) and it says that you are now viewing the content as a student. To go back to your regular role, click on the orange icon or your name again and cancel the popup (click the “x” next to “Viewing as a UNE Student”).
  3. I have group discussions in my course. How do I assign students?
    We have included a guide on how to assign students in groups in your course – the groups should already exist, and in some cases, groups may have been set up with automatic enrollments, so you don’t have to assign students, but you can modify the enrollments if you choose to do so.
  4. I am getting Turnitin scores on student submissions. What do they mean?
    If you have already taken the UNE Online D2L Faculty Training, please review the Assess and Grade Learners Instructor Guide. For additional score interpretation, please review this resource from Turnitin
  5. How do I annotate student submissions?
    When you open a student assignment submission, you get the option of inline marking. The toolbar offers a variety of features, including, pen, highlighter, text, and comment bubbles. Please watch this video for reference.
  6. I liked the “tree view” in discussions in Blackboard. How do I get a similar view in Brightspace?
    On the discussion page, you can modify the settings to change the default view from “reading view” to “grid view” – which was also another view in Blackboard (“tree view”). To learn more, please watch this overview from D2L.
  7. How can I use the Class Progress tool? 
    The Class Progress tool allows the instructor to see the overall engagement and course progress for all students in one place. This gives you a convenient snapshot of what students have completed, how many posts they have published in the discussions, what content they have reviewed, and so on. Students can view their own progress in a similar fashion. To learn more, please review this documentation article from D2L.
  8. What’s the best way to communicate with students in Brightspace?
    Brightspace offers two options for communication between students, faculty, and other support personnel: Email and Instant Messages. Because UNE Online programs are asynchronous, Course email is the more useful tool for our programs, and it can be set up to forward messages to alternate email accounts (i.e., “” instead of “mail.brightspace”). To learn more, please read this guide to D2L Email and Instant Messages
  9. How do I preview a quiz and review student attempts?
    To learn how to view quizzes from the student perspective or how to view real student attempts, review this guide
  10. How do I “reset” a student’s quiz or grant them a second quiz attempt?
    A common request is to “reset” a quiz attempt for a student. Rather than fully resetting a student’s quiz (which erases associated data) it’s best to grant the student an additional quiz attempt. See the linked document for detailed instructions: Granting a New Quiz Attempt.
  11. The course ended – how do I finish grading ungraded submissions? They don’t show up in Quick Eval anymore!
    Once the course has ended, your Quick Eval view will be emptied out. To finish grading the remaining ungraded submissions, please use Grades and follow these directions.
  12. How can I share my biography and contact information in the course?
    There is also an About the Instructor widget on the Course Home webpage and you can also share more details about yourself via announcements or in an introductory discussion post. Here are instructions on how to edit the About the Instructor widget in your course. 
  13. How do I see at a glance the student engagement in my course?
    If you are already familiar with Class Progress, you can now see even more information about your students’ engagement in the course in a visually concise way. Accessible either through Class Progress>>Class Engagement or through Course Home>>Course Overview widget>>Class Engagement, Class Engagement shows you a dashboard of student engagement, including students who haven’t logged in in the last 7 days, class grade distribution and discussion participation (threads and replies). 

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