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MSW Field Placement Directory The Children’s Center – Skowhegan

The Children’s Center – Skowhegan

Address: 188 Madison Avenue, Suite 1A
City: Skowhegan
Zip/Postal Code: 04976
Phone Number(s): 207-626-3497

Description: The Children’s Center began providing family support services in Skowhegan in 2011. Based on feedback from the community, the center expanded the location in 2013 to include an autism program, behavior, support program, and special education services as well as the continuation of targeted case management and caregiver education series. The Children’s Center in Skowhegan is an early intervention and preschool education setting. Each classroom focuses upon all areas of development: cognitive, language, communication, fine and large motor, activities of daily living, emotional growth, and sensory play. Children will learn through daily developmentally appropriate opportunities to explore, create, manipulate, and experiment. Progress will be monitored through daily observation and data collection to ensure each child’s success. Additional Location in Augusta.

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