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Youth LED Justice (YLJ)

Address: Suite 217 A, 175 Lancaster Street
City: Portland
Zip/Postal Code: 04101
Phone Number(s): 207-323-4599
On-Site Supervisor/Contact: Abigail Maycock, LCSW

Description: YLJ is a youth-led restorative justice diversion program that receives referrals for youth who have gotten in trouble with the law, school and/or in community. Youth volunteers serve as advocates and facilitators in a restorative process for the youth referred( the respondent)to Youth-LED Justice. Youth volunteers are trained to facilitate dialogue during a Youth-LED Circle, a Peer Facilitator Circle or participate as an affected community member in an adult-led circle. Staff work with the respondent, victims and those affected to meet needs and find accountability through an intake, brief assessment and follow up for 3-6 months after each circle process. YLJ staff often work to connect youth respondents, victims and family members with clinical support before, during or after the restorative process. We are looking to host interns to offer low barrier, short term therapeutic support for participants of restorative circles, victims, youth in trouble, family members and/or other community members involved. Interns would be offering services in both regions we serve the greater Lewiston/Auburn community and Portland area, with some telehealth options as well.

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