Student Portal: University of New England Online - November 28, 2021

GPPH Networking Series

Networking is a wonderful skill that can help you build a community of advocates. Having a network often leads to landing your next opportunity. By mastering a few networking elements you will be well on your way to making connections in the field of Public Health.  Here are a few resources to get you started.

Networking Basics: 

Approximately 85% of jobs are found through networking! Learn how to build your Public Health community through networking.

Introductory Emails and Informational Interviewing –  the easiest way to begin networking:

Writing an introductory email to a professional in the field can help you build your community of advocates and grow important connections throughout your career. Learn how to start Networking in 3 easy steps:

Next, prepare to conduct an Informational Interviewing with your contact.  Prepare questions to ask them so you are well prepared to conduct your informational interview over the phone.