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Brightspace Support

Brightspace Support

The following links are YouTube videos provided by D2L that will assist in exploring Brightspace, UNE’s learning management system. You can also find more detailed explanations of Brightspace functions within their Text Guide.


How to navigate and access course content

Screenshot of Course Home in Brightspace

Click on thumbnail images above to enlarge the example of what the Course Home page may look like in Brightspace:

  • Using the Navigation Bar [2:08]
    • Breakdown of the navigation bar (and how it may vary from course to course), course selector, minibar, and personal menu
  • Account Settings [2:04]
    • Update account info, change settings: font size, screen reader settings, etc.
  • Manage Your Calendar [1:39]
    • Edit calendar views, add tasks to calendar, link to personal calendar
  • Review Course Content [1:46]
    • How to review materials and activities, progress icons and create bookmarks
  • Finding Course Activities [1:04]
    • Comparing views of units, lessons, table of contents, modules, and topics; including discussions, quizzes, or assignment

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How to engage with course content within Brightspace

Screenshot of a Course Module in Brightspace

Click on thumbnail image to enlarge the example of a Course Module in Brightspace:

Screenshot of a discussion topic in Brightspace 
Screenshot of discussion forums in Brightspace

Click on thumbnail images to enlarge examples of Discussion Forums and Topics in Brightspace:

Access class progress

Screenshot of Grades and Class Progress

  • Review Class Progress [1:56]
    • See how you are doing in different areas of a course using the Class Progress tool.

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How to communicate and interact with classmates and faculty

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