Student Portal: University of New England Online - October 27, 2021

Health Informatics Practicum


Practicum Purpose and Objectives

The practicum provides students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom and work experience within the informatics field. The practicum experience usually aligns with a student’s area of interest and is outside of the student’s usual and customary work and supervisory responsibilities.

Practicum Commitment

  • 120 hours over 15 weeks
  • Student is responsible for:
    • Finding a site and a preceptor
    • Completion of all paperwork
    • Final presentation & activities

Practicum Timeline

Find a Site and a Preceptor

• Engage with your Practicum Coordinator
• Update your resume, cover letter, and update social media presence
• Conduct informational interviews to learn about informatics projects in the area of interest
• Identify at least 3 possible practicum sites to pursue a practicum engagement

Paperwork to Complete

• Select practicum site
• Begin affiliation agreement
• Identify preceptor
• Submit preceptor CV
• Develop practicum project with preceptor
• Obtain health and Security screenings if needed
• Begin CITI and IRB paperwork if research project

Final Presentation & Activities

• Signed affiliation agreement
• Preceptor & Site information Form
• Goals, Objectives, and Tasks Form
• Approved practicum contract
• Register for class at U-Online

Important Documents

Support Specialist

Kathryn Doiron
Kathryn Doiron
(207) 221-4919

Support Specialist

Hayley VanValen
Hayley Van Valen
(207) 221-4944