Student Portal: University of New England Online - July 23, 2021

Mandatory UNE-approved webcam and whiteboard* – To be used during proctored exams

UNE Online strives to provide a student experience that is accessible to all students, yet maintains rigor and academic integrity. Accordingly, SPHP uses online proctoring via ProctorU, allowing students to take their exams in a manner that is private and convenient, yet secure. As part of our efforts to maximize security in the testing environment while minimizing disruption to test takers, we require all students to use the official UNE external webcam.

In addition, students taking exams that permit scratch work must use a UNE-approved whiteboard*; no scratch paper is permitted.

Remember to order your webcam at least 3 weeks prior to scheduling your first proctored exam. There is a discount*, and you will pay reduced shipping, if you order the whiteboard and webcam together by choosing “Whiteboard and Webcam Combo.”

*The whiteboard is currently not allowed to be used on some proctored exams. Check your course for permitted resources for specific exams. Please note that these requirements are subject to change without prior notice.